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Help Me In Prayer For My Husband!
November 15, 2017

Power For Full Family Restoration At Christmas And Beyond!

“You shall arise, and have mercy upon Zion: for the time to favour her, yea, the set time, has come.”
(Psalms 102:13)


"And I will restore to you the years that the locust hath eaten, the cankerworm, and the caterpiller, and the palmerworm..."
(Joel 2:25)




Now, we are set for the change God will bring your way. God is determined to hear the voice of someone and change her marriage situation. I don’t know who it is going to be but I perceive the change will sweep through many lives and homes...


Hi Beloved of God,


I welcome all the precious people who signed up to our Help Me In prayer! just this past couple of weeks. The Lord will be gracious to you and grant your deepest desires for the wellbeing of your marriage.


Truly I have seen many turnarounds and answered prayers this year more than I have seen in last three years. God is worthy of our praise. Thank you, Jesus!


Nevertheless, there are some few cases that are still struggling in prayers (and almost fainting) for quite some time. Naturally, I’m bothered, and I appreciate that no one will be completely satisfied by another’s testimony. Everyone wants to experience the power of God for herself.


I also perceive that God is ready to change those issues that have caused you so much private tears. Here, I speak of those who have been praying persistently.


The last BBI (Level 2) ended on September 25th, and within two weeks after, I received more testimonies that I can publish, some of them were from BBI Level 1 (Wednesday, May 24 to Tuesday, June 13, 2017) prayers.


On October 12, I did what I should really do, giving thanks and glory to Jehovah God for the many mighty turnarounds and loud laughter He has given us through the BBI prayers. I did this until about 1.15 am when I heard God say there’s much more to do. And that I should put together another BBI.


If you were here with me to see what I go through during BBI, you would ask that I relax and take it easy for the rest of the year. But, now, I have the matching orders because there are some outstanding cases God wants to turn by His strong hand for family reunification this Christmas and for the new year, 2018.


Actually, the preparations for the BBI Level 3 started that night of Thursday, October 12. There are usually a lot of underground covenant prayers and instructions that usually precede every BBI Partnership Prayers announcement.


Now, we are set for the change God will bring your way. I don’t know whom God has seen, and who should be answered, but I have feelings for quite a number of you… even some of those that just signed up! I know that anyone who believes can access the help of God this time. God has some people in mind… those who believe! (See Acts 10: 34-35).


More on the BBI Level 3 later…


I have just published some of the testimonies on our site, but I have other important things in this eZine I want you to understand as well.


See How This Woman Prayed And Received!

Sometime in September, I received an email (a bit lengthy) from someone I have been praying for (and with) from the year 2015. I would not disclose her identity but just to say she is in her 50’s and from California, USA. She is born again, an ardent believer and follower of Jesus Christ for 16 years.


She desperately and boldly engaged the spirit of prayer and supplication recently, and the force of the prayers changed her situation. This would work for anyone who is desperate enough. Things have been changing from one level of joy to another for her!


I’m sure you can draw wisdom (notice how she prayed loud but alone!) from her report. I did not change anything in her long email except her names, or other personal details.


Now read on and be blessed…


Greetings Osita,


I wanted to share with you the changes that are coming forward. These years I have been praying targeted prayers from the two pdf, eBooks purchased, I also gave to this ministry that I highly believe in, and am thankful for sharing with others this ministry by sending them to your website. Many are not believers, and will soon become, of this I'm sure.


I became busy, switched emails and although I continued the prayers, was not able to participate and visit the website much. When I was able to come to read and saw opportunity to participate and send "seed money" I did so and began, immediately praying in Jesus name, the scriptures provided, reading those scriptures OUT LOUD, throughout my home inside and out back.


I would take the opportunity when my husband was away, and not present. Call my older children and tell them to be busy. Please stay away for a few hours, I'm covering our home in prayer. I would play worship music and begin the work that God has put before me.


I would circle my home up and down the hall way, throughout the rooms and pray, loudly to God, in the name of Jesus and by His Blood, the prayers and scriptures given. I would take the scriptures you referenced, and then open my Bible and read the entire chapter from which the scripture came. I prayed so loudly that my poor dog hid under the couch, he had no idea what was going on.


Osita, I developed a righteous anger. I was angry that these evil spirits felt comfortable enough, to take hold of MY husband, to take hold of GOD’S child and to taunt in my face that they had my husband by his neck (but not for much longer).


I opened my front door, and into the night demanded, commanded, insisted and forcefully announced that they were to leave, NOW.

We have a business together, so when the employees were in the field, and my husband as well, I would do the same. Walk the shop, stand in his office, cover the entrance and exit with prayer… announcing the same.


I announced to the spirit of lust, spirit of envy, desire, the spirit who covets and spirit of jealously that WE, GOD and I, are taking back what is ours. My husband.


I'd been doing this for a while, however, last night it happened, something changed... The grip is loosening.


I prayed for the women who seduce my husband and the women my husband seduces. I prayed for the women who chase after the husbands of my sisters in Jesus, and their husbands as well.


I prayed specifically for these poor women, who are so insecure and feel so worthless, that they must settle for the husband of another woman that God would release these women from the lies of the enemy.


Last night, it happened. I had been in the process for a couple hours when I saw my husband in a vision. I spoke to him and said. "You belong to your creator, our God, the creator of this very universe. You belong to me, your wife who you pledged the rest of your living years. In my vision, I saw tears in his eyes, I felt his sorrow, I felt him missing me. He was on a trip with his buddies, so I knew God was revealing this to me.


For the last few years when away and on these trips, he was always "un reachable" out of range. Unable to talk or text. Years before, he was always in touch.


While praying, my phone alerted me to a text, and before I looked I knew-- it was my husband. When I went to check the text, he had sent nothing but a heart…Wow! I had also been praying (I forgot to mention) rather than God cause my husband to hurt so much he came back, instead I thanked God ahead of time that he was on his way back to us.


I sent back the same and said goodnight, knowing that God was still speaking to him, my husband needed to feel to the full extent what he is doing.


I awoke this morning to a text from my husband with a heart again, and an emoji indicating he was looking forward to a day of fishing.


Last, Osita and prayer warriors, tonight we were rewarded with hope and an answer of what is to come. I had texted to my Husband a problem I had with my parents earlier today. In these past years I've not shared with him my troubles, I knew he didn't care and my pride would not allow. After sending it, I immediately regretted doing so.


Well, God showed me: My husband called me to see what happened, as I explained he gave me comfort with words but also in a kind way let me know that I could have been out of line, stepped outside my boundaries. A loving correction from a man that has remained a baby Christian since accepting Jesus.


As we were ready say good-bye he said "I love you" in the tone of a stern reminder.


Behind those words were so much more. There was no tone of disgust for me as I've felt previously.


“I love you” has never been easy words for my Husband to say, even when things were going well.


I know this is long, but I so wanted to share with you God’s movement.


To others in this position, please, don't give up. Don't give to the enemy your fight. Most definitely don't surrender your husband. First, he belongs to God, he is not for you to surrender away.


Keep your husband wrapped in your prayers. Always and Forever, stand and fight for him. It does mean that God and his angels are fighting for you, us. They are fighting battle for us.


Stand Firm. Continue/ Remain in desperate prayers.


When he returns, as Osita has said, shout out to God, Our Creator, Our Father who fights hard and loves hard and rewards hard, a praise of thankfulness. And cover him some more.


Please, of course do not use my name as I would not want to shame or embarrass my husband.


In Him,


(Name withheld)

Announcing BBI Level 3


The next BBI (Level 3) will start from Thursday, November 23 to Wednesday, December 13th, 2017.


If you are excited by this extraordinary, mountain-moving prayer bomb that will force things to change in your favor starting this Christmas and the New Year 2018, then prepare. A casual attitude towards this BBI will not work, please.


Also note that the BBI is not compulsory for anyone. It is just for the person that needs a harder PUSH for their desperate prayers to be answered. It is an individual thing, we are looking for faith here... not crowd!


This BBI prayer will be different in some way than the previous ones. For those who do not understand what BBI is all about, please read this previous ezine for a start though I will still give out more specific information by next week


I will be releasing more info on the BBI Level 3 shortly.


You shall succeed.



NB: Once more, read the latest published testimonies HERE.

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I pray that as you support this Mandate God will bless you and reward you with much grace, love and peace in your life and marriage.


I will personally acknowledge any seed offering that you send to us.


You are blessed!



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