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Help Me In Prayer For My Husband!
August 28, 2015

Understanding Winning Prayer Partnership.

Matt 18:19 "Again I say unto you, That if two of you shall agree on earth as touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven.”.


Hi friends, I’m excited by the interests and reactions generated on the last post on Prayer Partnership. It is quite commendable that many of you seek better understanding of this powerful prayer strategy. To understand a spiritual matter is more than half the journey to victory in that area (Psalms 199:144).

Today, I will do a second part on Prayer Partnership just to explain issues brought to my attention, and thus make things clearer for all. (If you didn’t see the previous post, please access it through the link down this page).

The Questions You Asked.

1.Will my prayer not be answered if I pray alone?

2. People always said they are praying for us when they observe my marriage troubles. Is that not prayer partnership?

3. I don’t understand why I should give offering to my prayer partners.

4. I can’t find a prayer partner!

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Here's A Very Important Annoucement.

Isaiah 8:19

“ And when they shall say to you, Seek them that have familiar spirits, and wizards that peep, and that mutter: should not a people seek their God?...”

Deuteronomy 18:10-11

“There shall not be found among you any one that … uses divination, or an observer of times, or an enchanter, or a witch, or a charmer, or a consulter with familiar spirits, or a wizard, or a necromancer.”


I have observed and frustrated several attempts by some agents of darkness to post comments and responses on this site (and several websites) suggesting demonic ways of getting back cheating husbands. But I’m concerned about you. Some of these agents may find other ways of reaching some of you with their evil schemes, hence this notice.


These agents are spell casters, sorcerers, necromancers and their likes. Please note that we do not and will NEVER recommend any of such to anybody forever. We have nothing to do with them whatsoever as we belong to God Almighty, and to His dear son, our Lord Jesus Christ in the Kingdom of Light.


If you get any mails suggesting help by any of those demonic schemes, turn your back and…run!


The bottom line is this, NEVER get involved with them at any level. They are evil and will scramble the rest of your life. If you were involved (or still are) you need help for deliverance.

Now, Back To The Answers On Prayer Partnership…

Will my prayer not be answered if I pray alone?

God will honor the right prayer with the desired answer whether or not a prayer partner is involved. Actually some prayers are better prayed alone (especially when you are starting out) in your privacy. Prayer partnership is a spiritual arrangement for knocking off a stubborn, confusing or huge issue that is obviously a major threat.

Concerned friends promised to pray for my marriage…they are my prayer partners.


Christians are supposed to pray for people in all circumstances whether they are suffering, in difficulty or at ease. Especially, as commanded in the scriptures (James 5:16; 2Thessalonians 1:11), Christians pray for troubled marriages, the sick, the governments, the poor, those at war, the church…and all manner of peoples and issues. This practice is just praying for one another.

So many people are quick to pledge to pray for the troubled or needy. This is often easier said than done as those who make such promises hardly ever fulfill their pledge. If they even attempt to ‘pray’, it is empty and lifeless, yet giving the impression that they are interceding. This amounts to nothing but deception.


Prayer partnership involves one ASKING a fellow Christian to pray for her on SPECIFIC issues. This is made sharp by specified prayer points and schedules. If there are arrangements for fasting, it also involves the prayer partner!


Prayer partnership is like going to war fully equipped with a massive troop where one shall chase a thousand and two puts ten thousand to flight. Even Jesus sought prayer partnership of His disciples to pray with Him in His most trying moment (Matthew 26: 38 – 40). Apostle Paul also asked the Thessalonians to pray for him for effective Word Ministry (2 Thess. 3:1).


I also engage prayer power from two able prayer partners standing with me for the supernatural release of answers to troubled marriages through this ministry.

Why should I give offering to my prayer partner?

This is scriptural and spiritual as it bonds the partner to release his/her spirit into the prayers. Recall how the best blessings (prayers) were extracted from the soul of Isaac in Genesis 27. It is not a one-off giving, but regular, through the span of the prayer and counseling (Philippians 4:15-19; Matthew 10:41). The size and nature of your giving should be according to your ability and the value placed on your prayer desire.


I can’t find a prayer partner!

I know it could be difficult to find a true, committed, spirit-filled believer to stand with you as prayer partner but if you ask God to lead you, or send a partner, He will. For those who seek prayer partner, this may be your divine connection. I could be your prayer partner, particularly in the area of changing cheating husbands and turnaround of troubled marriage or looming divorce. God has given me that mandate in ministry with categorical authority. However, you could still find other acceptable and convenient prayer partners if you search with the Holy Ghost.


So, it’s up to you if you think you need a prayer partner. My suggestion...take all that God has offered to help you against the oppression of wickedness in your marriage.

We Need Your Support.

This Prayer Project is completely free for any one we pray with or counsel. However, we need and welcome financial support from anyone who believes in what we are doing in this ministry. Surely, the prayers have been a blessing to so many women beyond what money can get.


Now, our numbers are really growing and the work load is enormous. I need you to support this divine Project by sending us your financial seed. Please do this if you are led by the Spirit, otherwise there is no obligation. If you are led to reach out to us, send me a mail at and I will inform you how you may send your gift.

God will surely reward you.

You shall succeed.



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