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Help Me In Prayer For My Husband!
January 01, 2016

You Have Just Stepped Into Your Year Of Testimony.

I declare an all-the-way pleasantly awesome 2016 for you.


This is not a season’s greeting.


It is a prophetic opening to start you on the path of healing, and to re-start your marriage with the spirit of love, of joy and of commitment.


Whoever has turned your husband’s heart away from you, and therefore caused you tears and hurt in 2015, shall disappear!


Your husband shall miraculously trace back his steps to you and re-commit to your marriage with high interest.


If you will dare to believe this short message, and follow what I shall show you this year, all you’ve been through in this marriage will be like a dream of the night!


This year, 2016, shall not be an ordinary year for you and your family. You shall have the fear of God, you shall love the Lord and serve Him, and He shall bless you beyond your requests and imaginations. (Exodus 23:25/ Ephesians 3:20).

Unleasing Power Prayer Shots For Maximum Impact.

This year will go into your record as your year of God’s power intervention. God will not only restore, but will also decorate your marriage, so that you shed tears of joy when you remember where you’ve been.


And God will yet do much more for you this year. When God blesses you in any area of life, He also empowers you to enjoy it by giving you all-round peace.


God will turn your children’s heart to Himself such that they will love the Lord with zeal.


Your health will bounce back and remain strong.


Your job will blossom and your finances will shoot up.


You will not forget that it is the Lord that has done these things, and not you, so you’ll give Him the praise.


So, welcome to your year of turnarounds by prayers!






This eBook Will Give You A Power Voice In Prayer For The Soul Of Your Husband.

God impressed it on me to publish this eBook and give it to you for free at this season. I perceive it’s for certain people who need a change of position in prayers for a change of story.


It’s a new, life-changing book, and you are the first to get it. It’s free but we shall give it first to those who already have the ‘Deliverance Prayers That Win Back The Cheating Husband’ because the two books will work better together.


So, if you ordered that eBook, send me a note to this email: and I will send you a link for your free download. We are in the period of giving! God will give you an answer of peace in your marriage.


Take this eBook as another gift from Jesus; it will change your life.


Merry Xmas.

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I sincerely appreciate those who have sent us regular financial support to help the work of the ministry here. Your offerings can never be in vain. We lay those offerings before God, asking for His reward on your life and marriage. My will never fail me as I pray on your behalf.


If you are led to send us an offering, I'll be grateful. You could use the Donation Window at the top right of our website to sow financial seed to this ministry.


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You shall succeed.



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