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Help Me In Prayer For My Husband!
June 06, 2016

Why Prayer Must Change You To Change Your Cheating Husband.

“...God resists the proud but gives more grace to the humble.”
(James 4: 6).


Last edition, we examined the three situations that people often encounter in prayers to end their husband's affair with the strange woman.


The sub-titles of the mentioned situations were:

  1.Quick, Huge, Positive Changes In Your Cheating Husband.

2.Little By Little Changes In Your Husband Over A Period.

3.No Positive Change In Your Husband…Or, He’s Even Worse.


Of course you know that the three situations are distinct and you cannot experience more than one at a given prayer period. I also explained each situation to help you understand what your experience could mean.


In one of the closing paragraphs of the last ezine, I wrote “…things are really changing, and changing big, but you don’t see them because you are not looking in that direction. There is what you need to see before you get the rest.” That’s exactly what I shall show you in this edition.


If you did not get the copy of that last e-zine, download your copy HERE NOW.


So, let’s get to it.


How You Allowed Your Marriage Problems To Develop.

I pray for your quick understanding of what I’m about to share here. I will be direct in what I say to you.


So, let me say it like it is. You contributed in some way to your husband’s misbehavior and to what is happening to your marriage today. Now I say this with a deep sense of responsibility, so hear me out. There is something you could have done, or undone that would have produced a much better outcome to what you have in your marriage now. Maybe you didn’t know what it was then (perhaps even now!), or you knew but didn’t do the right thing to change other things at that level.


This piece is for you who didn’t know what or how you could have done better.


In case you are still struggling to grasp what I have just said, let me help you further with this. You are now in the prayer process of getting your cheating husband changed, and you will certainly succeed.


Why are you praying for him and your marriage? Is it not because you believe you could pray him back, even though he’s the one who is messing up? You see, you believe you could, and should, do something to change this shame and embarrassment! Just imagine what would have been if you had this mindset and opportunity years back...and used it! If only you had prayed the scriptures right! Now, you get my point, don’t you? .


Aside from prayers, there are many other courageous actions you could have taken that would have stopped the drift to his cheating and lying.


I believe you sensed and saw many things going wrong (or likely to) quite early but you didn’t have the understanding or you thought they would pass on their own.


I hope I made that point clear…so let’s proceed.

Why Your Past Is So Important.

What’s the importance of looking backward, when we should be going forward? Aren’t we supposed to be seeking ways of getting your cheating husband out of his mess and putting your family together again? I will answer that very quickly. If the Holy Spirit brings your past to your remembrance, it is because it is important for the future of your marriage. It is not condemnation of your role or person, far from it.


In fact, the real motive is to prepare you for a better conduct to your marriage which is being restored.


Every prayer is answered in levels. The first level of answer sets you up to receive other fulfilling answers. If you are not made ready to receive answers, it is because no good answer is coming. In that case, our praying is amiss and would not do the desired job. Here, we review prayers and pray the prayers that would work. And the first sign of working prayers shows up in you.


My major prayers for my prayer partners (I hope you are one!) is always taken from Ephesians 1:17-19, asking God to reveal the knowledge that draws the power you need for answered prayers. When I pray this prayer, I really get emotional and charged. I have known that the more people remember their past, the more we make sharp progress in prayers to draw back the cheating husband. This is possible because past and current happenings with you and your husband help to sharpen and focus our prayer points so much. I can never say enough of this!


Some of the signs that you are being changed by prayers are increased prayer desire and stamina, determination to forgive him, increased peace and stability...


More of the signs, the Holy Spirit may help you recall some significant issues of the past that initiated the problems of today in your marriage. Though at the time of that occurrence, it seemed so little to make any meaning. Perhaps what is playing out today was given you as an intuition, prophecy or dream but ignored. Now you know better.


Also, in some cases, wives did not show sufficient care, respect or regard for their husbands or marriages.


Let me repeat. When you get these inner reminders, it means that God is working your matter out, and also working on you to prepare you for a better marriage. God is asking you not to repeat those errors again. So, congratulations, your prayer is being answered.

What You Are To Do About The Revelation.

You are supposed to do something with what the Spirit whispers into your heart. Remember, you are the only one who has the specifics of what is being revealed. Sometimes, I as your prayer partner, would have some vague insight into these but they may not be as vivid as yours.


So if you want me to know, you’ll have to inform me in details. But what I’ve seen is that some tell me all, some in part, some don’t say a thing… It’s not a law of the spirit that I must be told if you can handle it (that’s why I’m releasing this insight), but if you need help, you got me.


So, your responsibility is to accept what you were told in prayer, and let it change you. It is a sign of humility to accept righteous instruction. God will give you grace for the change (Prov. 3:34b). Another benefit of having me as your prayer partner is that you could share your struggles with me anytime.


If any of the things I am sharing here happened (or happens) to you, there are four obvious meanings and consequences for your prayers.


1. Your prayers have penetrated and the answers have started. The first answer are the signs within you!

2. More of that prayer can get you more happy results. When you see a part of prayers being fulfilled, the other part is just down the road (Isa 34:16).

3. If you receive an instruction, the rest of the answers will depend on your obedience or response (2 Corinthians 10:6).

4. The entire fulfillment calls for persistence…tenacity. The results will be resisted and contested by the enemy fiercely. But you are already a winner if you don’t quit.


On the other hand, if prayers didn’t change you or reveal something to you, then one of these things may be happening.


1. You are perfect and do not have to do anything (though this is unlikely).

2. You are unable to correctly interpret what is being told you.

3. You are not praying right.

4. You are in self-deception.


To Those Who Did Not Receive Any Revelations In Prayers

This is also very unlikely because you were co-driver of this marriage to the time of his cheating on you. However, if you are not spiritually sensitive, or don’t know what to expect, you may not even recognize what God has revealed. You may even dismiss it as an insignificant thought whereas it is your lifeline, should we say a marriage-saver!


That is why I ask so many questions of your past. In asking those questions, and in your answer of them, God’s Spirit may highlight the needed revelation during prayers.


So, do you remember something now? Anything about when you were dating, when you met his family, the things that are not so good in your (or his) family, that dream you had (perhaps more than once), the lies he told sometime, how you ignored church, prayers and God (against your better judgment) even while problems degenerated? Do you recall your weaknesses, your failings, things you allowed but shouldn’t have?


What of now? Do you have friends that demoralize you, habits and thoughts that depress? Are some fellows telling you to forget your husband and give up your marriage but your spirit is kicking against that? Do you think there’s a generational curse or spell monitoring and influencing things in your marriage and life? What else could you think of now. You are NOT thinking it, God’s Spirit is whispering it to your heart.


Remember, I’m with you all the way to your marriage success and fulfillment because God brought us together.


You shall succeed.


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