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Help Me In Prayer For My Husband!
February 27, 2017

What did God Say To You The Last Time You Prayed?

“And blessed is she that believed: for there shall be a performance of those things which were told her from the Lord”
(Luke 1: 45)

“My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me:”
(John 10: 27)

“Meditate upon these things; give thyself wholly to them; that thy profiting may appear to all.”
(1 Timothy 4: 15)


Hi, God will bless you and increase your joy as you read the help He sends your way today. Every day, through increase in knowledge and prayers, God is bringing you closer to your day of testimony. The mind of man was made by God and God has NOT lost control of His creation. When your husband’s mind goes haywire and he stops loving and caring for you, but the strange woman, God can re-order it when we invite Him through prayers. That is what we are doing here.


Did you see the headline of today's eZine? If you cannot say confidently what God said to you on your husband, marriage or family, then you are the one God sent saw when He asked me to write this.


What God says to you when you are working with Him to restore your marriage is very fundamental. If God is saying one thing and you are doing another, then we will not get where you intended. God knows the way, and He will lead you aright. So, I will be sharing on how you will hear Him, not once, but all the time. I tell you, the devil and his collaborators are going to be losing big time, if you grasp this.


Let us understand what we are doing so that you can make progress like many others. (This February, we’ve received 68 powerful testimonies so far).


I have often said that the major reason why prayers are never answered is because they are not targeted (right) prayers. A prayer that does not meet God’s specification is not really a prayer. Perhaps we could call it a wish, which may or may not happen. You don’t want your prayers to have such uncertain fate.


Prayers are meant to be answered; in fact the answers are already provided. You are expected to show up, with your strong reasons, and collect.


That is why it has become very important for us here to ensure you get the prayers from the Bible, not from your head.


Well, that part is not so hard. All it requires is some search in the Bible to know what God’s mind on your matter is. Once you find it, then you have a valid hold on God like Jacob in Genesis 32: 26; and you’ll get your prayers answered. It’s a done deal. God wants your prayers answered so that He will receive the glory (see John 14: 13-14).


Even now, the ‘what to pray’ is no longer the issue with most of you who have downloaded that power eBook, Deliverance Prayers That Win Back The Cheating Husband, or been in touch with me. Also, I have shown you the how to get the will of God performed in your marriage through effective prayers.

Ensure Your Children Are Not Defiled By The Immoral Genes in Their Father's Family.

Is Someone Telling You To Give Up On Your husband and Marriage?

So what’s the problem? Why can’t everyone have their prayers answered in one big blast?


Truth is not all are following instructions from God. You will soon know how to hear these instructions for yourself.


So many people are pre-occupied with what others tell them to do than to follow God's way out of their marriage troubles.


Some wives are not even convinced that they are doing the right thing in praying to win their husbands back from the strange woman. They are still listening to voices of ‘let go’. They are told their husbands have gone too far and deep to be won back through prayers. They are told they need their husband's consent to pray or to leave the strange woman. Some women secretly believe these lies from the devil, therefore they don't have the drive to pray acceptably anymore. This is where prayer gets hard. If you are in this state, prayer of grace can remove these lies from your mind and strengthen you again.


The voices that want you to give up your husband and marriage are both spiritual and physical. Much as some of the voices seem caring or concerned, they are indeed misleading voices.


Physical voices are those close enough to get your attention: family, friends, (in some cases) church leaders and members, your husband and (sometimes) the strange woman.


The spiritual voices are much more powerful and influential in stopping your prayers because they continue to speak into your subconscious repetitively. The influence of this voice continuous leakage of prayer power, therefore many have abandoned prayers and counseling to seek other means outside God.


But the real reason why those voices seem so overwhelming to you is because of two major factors.


1. You have never seen prayer power change cheating husbands and heal marriages before.


2. You do not hear the voice of God concerning you, your husband or marriage as often as you hear those other voices.


For 1 above, we have testimonies of many women who have encountered the victory of prayers over their cheating husbands and the strange women, and the recovery of their marriages, published regularly in our website. (Click here to see some testimonies ) You should learn to refresh your thoughts with these demonstrations of power of God’s words in prayers.


Ok, the second part. If you could hear God’s voice (and keep hearing it) regularly, those other voices will fade away, and not affect you anymore (see John 10:5). The truth is that God is always speaking to you but you do not hear Him at all, or as often as you need to. There is something God is saying to you concerning your unfaithful and unloving husband, and struggling marriage.


I can say this because God speaks your matter to me also when I intercede for you. My prayer is never complete until God speaks to me. His words are in the form of instructions, counseling, encouragement, etc. It may be one word, a sentence or much more; it may come while in prayer, immediately after or a little later.

Let Me Show You The Simple Ways To Hear God Regularly..

I will like to help you start to hear God so we can enjoy this prayer walk together. As a matter of fact, God is talking to you right now as you read this. Can you hear Him? Listen…




So I will be sharing a few nuggets to help you hear God always. We shall be discussing:


• The different forms God uses to speak to people.

• How you can be sure it’s God speaking to you.

• How you can get God to speak to you when you need direction or assurance.

• Why God stops speaking to people after the first time (it’s not because of sin, please).

How God confirms His word immediately He speaks and you obey.


I intend to give you the details that would help you understand and start to hear God for yourself, so I may not cover all in this edition.


But let’s start with the first.


The different forms God uses to speak to people.


His Word.(Psalms 107: 20, Hebrews 10: 36, 1 Peter 2: 15) God speaks through His written Word, the Bible, more often than any other method. If you are far from your Bible, you are far from God Himself and His Word. It is from the Bible you learn how God treated difficult human issues and related to the people of old. God’s judgments and mind never change, so that you can tell which side God is (see Psalms 89:34, Malachi 3:6, John 15:7). The Bible shows us the right and acceptable way to approach God and get results. So, read your Bible regularly. It is God speaking. If you skipped all the Bible references in this piece, then you really don't care about God's Word.


His Messengers.(Luke 4:26, Isaiah 44:26) God sends His messengers to His people all the time. It is no coincidence that you are connected to me and this Ministry. I believe it is God that sent me to you. It is the plan of God to help you because He has seen that this problem is too hard for you alone. That is in the character of God to connect helpers to His people through all the ages, read the Bible. However, you still need to hear God to know who is from Him and who is an impostor. God speaks through his messengers in the local church, radio preachers, tele-evangelists, or through Christian literature. Just ensure you confirm whatever anyone says through the Bible.


Through The Inner Witness (Romans 8:16). God also speaks through your spirit; nudging, prompting and persisting using the conscience.


Through The Loud Audible Voice. ((Matthew 17:5, Acts 9:5) God can speak to you audibly if He chooses to. Many of us have had the privilege of hearing God’s audible voice sometime. Though many people would prefer to hear God speak audibly to them, it is God that chooses who and when He would so speak.


Through Vision and Dreams.(Daniel 2:19, 1 Kings 3:5, Acts 10: 10-15) God also speaks to people in visions (open eye or trance-like types) and dreams. Again, you should be sure it is God speaking so that you are not led into error.

That is as much as we shall take in this edition. Unless we have another very urgent matter to discuss, we shall discuss the other parts that has to do with hearing God.

In the next editions, we shall be treating:


• How you can be sure it’s God speaking to you.


• How you can cause God speak to you when you need direction or assurance.


• Why God stops speaking to people after the first time (it’s not because of sin, please).


• How God confirms His word immediately He speaks and you obey.


The Planned Prayer Partnership Arrangement.

I wish to inform you that God has not given us the instruction to start the Prayer Partnership Linkage which we announced last time. We are still praying towards it and as soon as we get the signal, we shall roll out the plan.   

That idea is to assign additional prayer partner(s) from among other praying women, or from those who have succeeded already. This will encourage passionate prayers leading to more restored marriages.


The arrangement will be guided by some comprehensive rules.


1. Only those who indicate interest and register for it would be matched with prayer partners. The others may continue with the present arrangement.


2. You would have a choice of who your partner should be and her location.


3. You would also have the right to discontinue with a prayer partner, or have her replaced.


4. There would be independent regular feedback to me by all assigned prayer partners.

5. I would still continue to be your chief prayer partner, praying for you as appropriate.


You shall succeed.



If indeed our website and eZine is a blessing to you, why not help us to reach more women, break the hold of the strange woman and bring joy back to many hurting women.


Sow a Seed of Marriage Restoration in our Ministry. God bless you.

You may contact me for more information on sowing your seed here

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