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Help Me In Prayer For My Husband!
November 16, 2016

3 Things To Do When Prayer Starts Changing Him..

Hi, I really missed writing this ezine. It was delayed for some weeks because of immense pressure on my time. Also, I had to finish up the eBook, How Your Children can Be Different From Their Cheating Father and release for distribution. I’m glad to announce that the eBook is out this week. More on that later.


In the months of September and October, testimonies flooded our mailbox. So many good reports and excitement from many lands: Canada, Nigeria, United Kingdom, USA, Malaysia, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Germany, Philippines, Australia, Zambia, Trinidad & Tobago, Norway, Kenya, India, Papua New Guinea and other I can’t possibly recall as I type this. You can check some of the testimonies here.


However, in the past week, I received three reports of some husbands who returned home to their wives only to leave again after staying home for about three weeks on average.


I hate to lose any husband we have won over by prayers. We celebrate the change of cheating husbands here so much that it is painful to us when one of them takes off again.


But something happened while these men were home.


And then they left home again… two of them back to the same strange women! The third is suspected to have gone to a new strange woman.


As you can imagine, the wives were seriously upset, that two of them really, really wanted to give up.


I understand the emotions. The stress. The pain…    I felt it really deep too.   

You see, I want your matter to quickly end on a happy note. It makes my prayer confidence soar. Really!     

The reassuring thing is that I pray through the cases that come to me. So I know they will end in marriage restoration. So, I’m prepared to stay the night praying for your marriage, and wait no matter how long that victory takes in coming. Nothing compares to the joy that comes with a good report from you.


Your own testimony will soon happen.


Are you smiling now?


You are the one I’m writing to. Yes, you!


This your husband will change; your marriage will be restored.

It will be another good report!


I wish I can always make you see what I see so that you can believe like I do.

Three Major Things You Should Do When He Comes Home.

Please prepare for the change of your husband, and if he had left home, his return to you as well. Here’s how you will conduct your affairs when you see the positive impact of the prayers in him.


1. Don’t Make His Cheating The Topic Of Discussion.

I would always advise that you do not ask to explain his cheating. Don't give him any conditions. Work on making him as comfortable as possible. You didn't bring him home by your power, God did. I know you want him to explain himself and confess but don’t bring it up. Discuss other things of interest, and soon he will tell you those things you really want to hear. God has a way of making them tell things, trust him.


2. Encourage Or Initiate Creative Intimacy.

You know, intimacy is not all about sex or lovemaking. It includes communicating your weakness, your needs, your emotions without fear or shame. Of course, lovemaking is the peak of intimacy! You should find ways of creating excitement and eargerness when you are together. The strange woman often uses much adventure as her top card to keep him eating from her hands. You need to know more?

3. Time of His Change, Time For Intense Prayers.

When your husband begin to change or return is the time to pray intensely. When he leaves the strange woman, all hell is let loose to go after him, so you must rise to the occasion. The most common mistake of many is to assume that the battle is ended and relax the prayers.


I hope explain those three in details in subsequent editions of this ezine.

Don’t Let Your Children Become Like Their Cheating Father.

As I mentioned earlier, the long awaited eBook on setting your children free from their father’s cheating habit is out. It is a loaded eBook with cases of generational curses, testimonies, conclusions of some research studies, God’s word and 33 prayer points focusing on your children's freedom from curses of cheating and divorce.


The eBook can be ordered from today from here. I have agreed with my partners to offer the eBook at a deep discount of $11.97 for this month. During this period, we would not advertise it anywhere except for what I tell you here and the usual visitors to the webpage where it is hosted.


You may go here to read the read the report and place your order.


I will be in touch.


You shall succeed.



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