2 Months Old Affair: Husband Tattoos Budhist Symbol, Drinks And Smokes.

by Heidi
(Montana, U.S)

Two months ago my husband began an affair. It is with someone he knew years ago. She reappeared in his life while my children and I were away finishing up my final year of college.

We have been married eight years and have five young children, ages 7 to 18 months. We are currently separated and I am devastated. The woman is a party girl who is older than me by seven years. She has six children, some are grown.

My husband has started smoking, and drinking very heavily, partying, going to heavy metal concerts, and only God knows what else. He has purchased a car for her, and got a tattoo on his arm of a Buddhist symbol, because his girlfriend is a Buddhist. He says he loves her, and he still loves me and the children.

I have been trying to stay focused on school, the kids, and praying for my husband, who claims not to really know what he wants. He seems solemn, depressed, and spends a lot of time and money on booze, parties, and concerts. He told someone I know that he has fallen in with the wrong crowd, and that he was trapped.

He never liked my devotion to my faith, we didn't have the same ideas about money, life or kids, after the first few years. We definitely have issues we need to work out and get help with if my husband is willing. I am not sure that I see him welcoming that idea, at least not right now in the midst of the affair.

I admit that there were a lot of things we should have tried to deal with but, because we have not, there is going to be a lot of need for it.

I hope my husband will see that there is always hope in Christ if he would allow it in his life.

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