Daniel’s Prayer Formula That Works For your Marriage

My calling, and concern, is to team with you and pray the prayer that will save, reconcile and restore your marriage. Our weapons of war are the Word and Spirit of God. There is no force from anywhere that can refuse the Word and Spirit of God.

So, when the power of God’s Word is released through prayer, every person, spirit, group, even environment, line and be consumed. Remember how the magicians’ rods in Pharaoh’s Palace lined up and were swallowed by the Rod of Aaron (Exodus 7:12).

The Word of God prevails, and will continue to prevail, against every negative forces forever. The mind of your husband will be cleansed of negative influences and reordered to honor your marriage.

Daniel (alone) prayed in chapter Daniel Chapter 9 for his people. And God heard and sent him the answers.

Even if your husband is not praying, I want you to know that you alone can pray for your marriage and God will turn him around and heal your marriage. It doesn’t matter the level of dislike, separation or even divorce. God can turn things around even as He turned the situation in answer to the prayer of Daniel.

Remember that Daniel saw, from the writings of Jeremiah the prophet, what God said concerning his Nation, Israel. God had set a limit of 70 years for them to be released from captivity in Babylon.

But the 70 years were almost up, as at the time of Daniel’s discovery, and the authorities of Babylon were not ready to let them go.

So, Daniel prayed.

Let Your Mind Expect Your Answer As You Pray

The question you may ask is: why was Daniel the only one bothered about their situation?

Haven’t you heard that One person alone who knows the mind of God is a majority?

This could be compared to what you are facing in your marriage.

The fact is that your marriage is facing severe challenges just like Israel at the time of Daniel. Your advantage is that God’s mind concerning your marriage is known. “They are no longer two but one flesh. Therefore, what God has joined together, let no one separate” (Matthew 19:6 /Mark 10:9). God is talking about you here.

It is actually a decree… a commandment.

And what you are doing, that is praying, is what Daniel did. You see, you are on the right course.

Don’t Let That Delay Discourage You

Another thing worth mentioning is that Daniel had set back when he prayed. He was delayed. If you read that chapter well, you will see that Daniel fasted and prayed this one prayer several days before help came.

You obviously need help in your marriage, and since you are praying, you are about to receive your answer.

So, as I promised before you came over to this page, I will rephrase Daniel’s prayer for you. This prayer is in addition to the three approved prayers you are doing. This means that if you are not on approved prayers, this prayer here is NOT for you.

However, you can still get your approved prayers from me if you send me five-choice prayer points (the numbers only) from the Prayer eBook Deliverance Prayers That Win Back The Cheating Husband.

Send me the prayer numbers you have chosen, through my email, and I will meditate on them and approve some prayers for you.

Now the prayer:

This prayer is extracted from Daniel’s prayer from Daniel 9:4-19.

“…O Lord, the great and almighty God, who keeps covenants and mercy to them that trust Him. 


Our family has sinned and done our things our way and departed from Your instructions and from Your Word. 


We have ignored Your Messengers and Prophets, who conveyed Your Words to us concerning our lives and home


So, the enemy took advantage of our disobedience and confused our homeWe have suffered distractions, attacks and disintegration in our marriage.


O Lord, according to Your mercy, I plead, let Your anger and Your wrath be turned away from my marriage and my home. I know that our sins, and the iniquities of our family, our marriage and generations have caused shame and trouble in our marriage and our home


Now therefore, O our God, hear the prayer of your daughter, and my touch my husband (name him), and cause Your face to favor my home that is desolate because of our disobedience


O my God, let my cry reach you, hear me; attend to my petition, and consider our troubled marriage, and reconcile my husband (name him) and me again by Your Power. Lord, answer me out of your abundant mercies, not out of our righteousness.

O Lord, answer me; O Lord, forgive us; O Lord, move on our behalf and perform your miracles. End my shame and suffering quickly and glorify your name, O my God.


I want to remember this prayer as the key to our marriage reconciliation and give you all the glory forever, O God.

 Thank You for the speedy answer in Jesus Name!”

That is the prayer. Mark it on the calendar and pray for 21 days from tonight. When your current approved prayers end, request for a review and continue with this special prayer until your 21 days is up.

I am excited and I expect your testimony from this special prayer revelation.

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