A Woman From His Past Has Seduced My Husband.

by Karen

Recently a snake has slithered her way into and in between my husband and I. Posing as an old friend of his, she has now worked her way between us. He has told me that we are done, no reason to work anything out, but I have asked him to re-think this.

I pray that God will put a hedge around my marriage and our family, protect us from this snake and any other evil that tries to tear us apart.

Please, if you feel the desire and need to help me pray, I beg that you join me in helping save my marriage.

Many thanks to any who volunteer their time...

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Nov 06, 2015
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May 21, 2015
Prayer Is All You Need Return Things To Normal.
by: Osita

Karen, let's start targeted prayers to cut off the grip of this woman and recover your husband.

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