Advice To Win Your Cheating Husband Back

My ex-husband had an affair with his co-worker who is 13 years younger than him. They tattooed each other's name on their arm. We just got married 3 months prior.

Before she came into his life, we were working through some things but she seduced him. He got her pregnant and when I confronted her she spit in my face and threatened to kill me. I ended up going through the divorce.

I was livid and said horrible things out of anger. They destroyed my life. I was his 3rd wife to which he said the other wives cheated on him.

His mistress was a young girl with no family in our town so he felt obligated to help her and be with her. And she played on that.

I went through incredible emotional distress, anger, pain, suicidal thoughts, etc. I continued counseling and now live miles away from my home town. I have not stopped praying for my ex-husband and pray everyday.

My advice to all of you is to shut your mouths, don't speak hateful words if your husband cheats. Ask the Lord for direction and guidance. And to stay silent. A wife with no words give a man no power. He has no way of holding anything against you because you have become silent.

In that silence work on yourself. Work on your being. Change the plank in yourself so that the speck in your spouses eye can be removed. God is powerful and almighty. He is for marriages. He hears our sorrows and our pain. Don't be like me who spewed a thousand hateful words. And don't do what they do because then it makes you just as wrong.

Pray... pray hard. Reach out to prayer groups and ask for prayers. And stay silent until his heart is changed. And offer complete forgiveness if he has a Godly remorseful heart.

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