Believing for Restoration of My Marriage

by Charmaine

Hi Osita. How are you? I am in a second marriage (separated at present). I live in Australia (I am ex South African) My husband is Australian. He has been unfaithful before. We have been married since 2010. Last year he said he does not want to be married anymore. He said it is not me, I am great, he blames issues of his first marriage. He has been playing around with others on websites and at his work etc. so I knew he was looking for excuses to get me out of the way, so that he can keep playing without feeling guilty.
I left Australia and went back to my family in Africa. However God wanted me to come back to Australia as He has work for me here. Both my husband and I are in our fifties. I am living with my husband's mum at present until I have a permanent job then I will get a place of my own. My husband stays with his daughter. We see each other once a week (we have been intimate a few times already) but my husband does not say that he wants to get back with me. I don't want a divorce and am believing for complete restoration and my husband to get back with me. We are in separation until next year before any divorce can take place.
I ask that you stand in prayer with me, in agreement that no divorce will take place in this marriage. I stand on the scripture that what God has joined together, no man will separate. I also apply the blood of Jesus with the power of the Holy Spirit and fire of the Holy spirit everyday over us, our marriage and the covenant that we have with each other and God. I believe that God has ministry for us still together (we are both born again and my husband has been in ministry before as a minister) so I want that to manifest still and I do not want a divorce. What do you suggest?
I bought your book - Deliverance prayers that win back the husband and I am applying those prayers to my daily prayers. Thank you. God bless.

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Jul 05, 2015
God Is Opposed To Divorce.
by: Osita

Hi Charmaine, I think you are set for a miracle of marital reconciliation and restoration. I believe that you can have it the way you want it.

Since you already have that power prayer book, Deliverance Prayers That Win Back The Cheating Husband', l will get in touch to see how we can pray along with you to remove every wicked barrier to your marital fulfillment.

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