Can My Cheating Husband Change?

by Janet
(Los Angeles )

For giving me this opportunity to share my story I ask that you help me in rescuing my husband from the evil spirit of cheating.

My husband of 13 years was the best partner, stepdad and father anyone can ask for. Two months ago he started acting strange, hiding his phone, leaving early to work and coming home late etc.

Finally, I caught him speaking to this 27-year-old woman. We are both 45years old. He admits only to going out to eat a few times. My problem is he doesn’t show remorse, he hasn’t apologized, or even attempted to excuse his behavior.

I wanted to kick him out of our home, but he refuses to leave, stating he wouldn’t leave me for her! Please help me pray over him .
I want him to be remorseful and apologize to me and my older children. They are deveststed.

I love him but I fear that may repeat this behaviour and hurt us again.

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Sep 26, 2018
This Is How We Start Prayers For Your Husband And Marriage.
by: Osita

There is tremendous power in prayers to turnaround your husband and heal your marriage.
Perhaps, you've not prayed what you should or how you should.

Let me guide you to win back your husband and save your marriage through targeted prayers.
We'll pray with you and counsel you until you succeed.

To start, sign on to the free ‘Get Prayer Help Now!' from the right side of our website
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