Cheating Husband Planning Divorce

by Tonya

My husband of ten years has been having an affair with a former co-worker for the past five years.

At first I believed they were just good friends; I'm not sure when it developed into more than that but it sure did. Last July he told me he was no longer in love with me and asked me to move out. I left our home for three months.

I moved back in when he got sick. It was easier to care for him and our children all under the same roof. He told me then he loved me. He denied being involved with the other woman.

Now he refuses to tell me that he loves me. He acts like he dies at times. We still share a bed and rarely fight. He sneaks off on his phone every chance he gets. He lies to me about where he is going;I know he sees her when he does that. Then when he gets home he acts all lovey dovey with me. It's like he feels guilty and tries to make up for it with guilt sex. I love this man with my entire heart and soul.

I truly believe if this other woman was out of our lives for good we could rebuild our marriage to be better than ever before. I know she is pushing him to file for a divorce. I found a slip of paper in her handwriting with the names of divorce attorneys.

I have been praying for my marriage to work. It seems that we are at a standstill. I feel so hurt by the fact that my husband doesn't tell me he loves me anymore. Prior to July he would tell me several times a day that he loved me.

Please pray for me to turn things around for my marriage. I believe God can heal this marriage.

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Feb 19, 2015
God Is Able To Reform Your Cheating Husband
by: Osita

Tonya, I'm so confident of what God can do for your marriage through prayer...particularly prayer of agreement. Your husband could change for the best and return to you fully - body and soul.

Please subscribe to our free ezine so that we could start to share prayer resources and prayer points with you. We'll also pray along with you and God will answer us.

See you on the inside.

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