Cheating Husband Won't Stop.

by Connie

I found out about my husband cheating habit that was 2010 he confessed and promise me that he will not do it again but each year now 5 years he is still doing the same things am tired l want to end the marriage.

But the problem that l have now is that financially am not stable my mother is an old woman keeping my older sister with her children who is also divorced and my brother and my other sister both are not working.

So l don't want my mother to die if she find out what is happening in my marriage.

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May 18, 2015
Divorce Is Not The Answer.
by: Osita

Connie, don't do divorce yet even if all other conditions were right for it.

Go to God in prayer and see how he can turn things around for you. He'll change you, your husband and marriage.

Just subscribe to our free ezine: 'Help Me In Prayer!' from the website and we'll guide you.

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