Cheating Wife Won't Change.

by Bill
(Lavergnr tn. Us)

I have a wife that has been involved in an affair for about a year. She thinks what she is doing is ok because she sleeps in a different room.

I have been praying these prayers for over a month and see no change in my situation. What should I do next.

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Jun 26, 2018
Patience NEW
by: Anonymous

I know that you want to see results quickly, but, I have been praying on my marriage for about a year. My wife has a 'special' friend and between praying that he go away and my wife come back home, I do see hints that God is listening and answering my prayers. I see my wife at least 4 times a week and talk to her multiple times a day. God works in his own time and own way. I believe if my God was not with me and answering me, my wife would not still be hanging around with me. I am impatient as well, but, you have to understand that God will work in his own time and own way. And above all, when God does answer your prayers, leave all the extra baggage behind you, do not throw it in her face.

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