Christian Husband Won't Stop Cheating, Lying And Hitting Me

by Mrs Sanchez
(Cass, tx)

It was my husband's mistake that helped me find out about his cheating. He sent a text meant for his lover to me! When I confronted him, he denied. So I left work early, got his phone and caught him.

This time, he begged me to forgive him but he still acted like it was a little thing he did. He does not care that he tore up my heart, crushed me and destroyed my trust in him.

We went for counseling and he lied even more there. Finally we started to heal but then he cheated again coming home late at night with lipstick on his lips! He told some stupid lies about this too.

One day my kid found his hidden phone and Ipod and brought it to me. There were about 50 girls names, numbers and conversations there. When I confronted him he said it was old contacts of about 6 months ago; and that it was now in the past.I didn't know he was involved with that many. But whether one or fifty, he lied and it hurt.

I suspect there's this one he still sees secretly and I think she's married. Though I'm devastated by his gross misbehavior, I hate divorce because I want to live in the will of God. Also, divorce may even hurt my kids the more. All the same, I can't bear to be near him.

He still sneaks in at night and runs to bathroom, says he has to poop but maybe he considers me a fool when he tells these lies. I'm tired of living with the lies, the deceit sneaking and now he screams and has even gotten physically abusive with me when I asked questions.

I love him and thought we'd be married forever. But he's hurting me so much and I'm so crushed and don't want the kids to see him hit me or hear him scream at me anymore.

He's really gotten ugly; the more I find out the meaner more abusive he gets.I want to be happy again free of worrying about his cheating,lying or sneaking. But I imagine (by the way he's carrying on), if I go to work and he's home, he may have her in my bed.

It's so sickening because he's a christian who use to pray with us, goes to church and acts like a big man of God. But he lies, cheats, screams and abuses his family. Talk about a wolf in sheep's clothing!

He claims he doesn't drink alcohol but he does with the woman. I read his messages that admitted it and his addiction to pain pills. It was like I didn't know him at all.

He's destroying me and the kids; we really need a miracle for his change urgently.

I realize this fight is not against flesh and blood but evil spirits. I therefore bind you lying cheating deceiving angry abusive spirits of Satan. I bind you in Jesus Holy Name.

I command you loose your hold on my husband's eyes, ears, body, mind and spirit breaking loosing all soul ties and evil ties in Jesus Holy Powerful Name. What's loosed on earth is loosed in heaven!

Please Jesus block his lies as he tries to lie put thorny hedges between the women and him at every single turn. Do whatever anything you must do to turn him from the world and turn him to you on his knees. In Jesus Holy Name save him, save our marriage...give me knowledge, wisdom and guidance in Jesus Holy Name!

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Oct 21, 2014
God Is Able To Transform The Life Of A Cheating Husband
by: Osita

Mrs Sanchez, I say Amen to your prayers! I wish you'll continue to say such prayers over your husband daily. Get his picture before you and say those powerful prayers over him again and again.

Something awesome is bound to happen to put laughter on your face forever...In Jesus Name, Amen.

I also want to remind you of the scripture in 1 Samuel 2:8. God is an expert in transforming lowly, stinking lives to enviable heights of glory.

Please try as much as possible to ignore his ways and lies. Don't investigate him or probe into his dirty ways; rather lay up your concerns to God regularly. He's able to grant what your desires are.

Download my free report, "6 Foxes That Rob You Of Victory In Prayers" from this site. It will help you tremendously.

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