Could I be Under A Spell Against Marriage Like My Mother?

by Leah

I have been married since April of 2016, but we have been together since December of 2013. When I met my husband, I was at a place of peace and had pretty much given up on having a relationship. I was so tired of the men that I was ready to accept the fact that I would never be married.

Still to this day, my mother has never been married. She has been in 2 relationships that lasted for over 20 years each. She allowed herself to get comfortable and accept just being their woman.

She told me that I would be just like her and never be married and I swore on my life that I would break that generational curse. Well, as you can see, I did break the curse. But now I'm wondering if I should have just let it be.

I have never physically caught my husband cheating. I have heard things and I have had the all famous "Women's Intuition" feelings.

I want to leave and start my life over, but I want to stay in God's will. I feel so confused in my mind and heart and I just don't know what to do. I'm torn between making it work and giving it up.

My husband is not the type that goes to church all the time and he likes to hang out and be with his friends in the "biker community." I know that he loves me, just maybe not as much as I love him. Sometimes I feel like he wants me to leave so that the blame would be on me instead of him being blamed for leaving me.

Please pray for me and with me that God will give me direction to know what to do and strength to do His will! Thank you

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