Demon Spirits Are Messing Up My Marriage.

by Lorena

Been married for almost 20 years, recently had our first grandchild & my husband got deployed to work across the country from us.

In the past 2 years we have moved, I broke an ankle and had to have surgery and our son became a statistic teenage father.

Living arrangements have been a distress. My husband has some demons and so do I.. But I just feel I can control mine and he cannot his. He is an alcoholic and a habitual marijuana user.

He left 2/22/16 to another state 3,000 miles away, and within a month the change in him & his behavior was drastic. I was so confused & insecure in my own desperation I went to see him. That was how I found he was into adultery. He told me he liked it there and was happy and felt liberated to be alone.

My husband has to come back to California & talk to his family. I know he will never admit to his adultery.

Please help me pray that Saran take his hands of my marriage, that my husband not have pleasure or satisfaction until he returns to me as my husband!! PLEASE HELP ME IN PRAYER AND THAT GOD HAVE MERCY ON ME!

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