God Answered My prayers Over My Cheating Husband.

by Lisa

God is indeed faithful to His words. My husband has come back to me and the kids after years of going after several women.

It's indeed a miracle and a strong proof of the power of prayers. I prayed the targeted prayers you gave and God HELPED me. The prayers were deep, exciting and forceful - I could feel them in my body and the environment as I prayed. The important thing is that it worked for me.

Though I've never prayed this hard in my life but then I've never faced this kind of problem because my husband was as good as gone. I was almost giving up on him and our marriage until I was persuaded by your counsel and encouragement to contend with the forces keeping him away from me.

Today, though just the third week of his return, we are happier than we've been since eleven years of marriage.

My prayer now is for this doing of the Lord to be permanent in our home. Please keep this targeted prayers going so that many others would also encounter this great deliverance.

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Aug 06, 2015
I Thank God For Your Husband And Marriage.
by: Anonymous

I am so happy that God answered your prayers and brought your husband home. I too am looking forward to this joy and a renewed spirit of happiness in my

Mar 30, 2015
God Answers our Prayers.
by: Osita

The Bible said in Ecclesiastes 3:14 "...whatsoever God does shall be forever...". Be confident that God shall preserve your joy even as you continue to pray for your family.

Our God is a prayer-answering God; this is what we know Him for! We give Him all the praise.

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