He Is Cheating On Me And Lying All The Time.

by Abelha

We've been together for 12 years and he has cheated on me before but this time I do not understand why. Now this time I feel so betrayed and I feel he ripped out my heart and soul.

For about six months I have been noticing him different and I kept asking what is going on, trying to communicate but he said he was fine and nothing was different.

But as a woman/mother we can sense things that we can't explain. I noticed him using his phone more often, when I come around he would lock the phone screen. I did not like checking his personal items but I had to do it. He was always tired, and I understand because he has two jobs.

I have a very good position and I make more than him, and he said it was not right I made more money than him. To me there's no issue because what's mine is his.

He has bank account that I don't know, a house in his country which I had no idea. And on his phone (unfortunately) I had to check, there were several numbers to women, deleted messages and phone calls, he installed a UCLEAN up to clean history every other hour. I also found out he has been going in to teen virgin porn websites and other disgusting websites. That really hunted me because I have a teenager at home.

After arguments he confessed and said sorry and he really regrets and won't do it again. But I also found out he has been lying about going to work and actually going somewhere else. The GPS on his phone shows he was two counties away from ours when he was supposed to be only 20 minutes drive from home. That happened more than three times at the same location, and other locations and national parks as well.

He denied everything but said he doesn't have to tell me his movements. I pleaded to him that if he tells me the truth about him meeting someone, I am willing to work things out but unfortunately he doesn't want to tell the truth.

So I decided to let GOD guide me to make the right decision at the right time. GOD will help me get through this and he will heal my broken heart, and he will help him to become a better man. But I do HOPE we can work it out because I love him and it hurts me so much.

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