He Won't Stop Cheating.

by Danielle
(Riverside, MO)

I had sex with an ex, after I met my now husband, but before I married him. Four years into our relationship I cheated again and he was devastated. One year later, I was making blunders, so I called it off.

Later when we reunited, I told him about the one night stand I had eight years before. My cheating occurred prior to marriage. He also cheated once prior to our marriage and told me he had stopped.

However, I found out he was still in contact with her. He says he stopped in February, but I really do not think so. He is very defensive, his stories do not make sense.

He often doesn't answer his phone and gets mad at me for checking up on him. I just have a nagging feeling and wake up every day that something is not right. We have these two beautiful children together and I do love him so much. I just want it to end so we can move forward and heal us for a change.

I am depressed and not much fun to be around because I cry all the time because I just don't think its over. I don't see how we can even think of moving on if he is even still having anything at all to do with her.

Please someone help me.

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