Help Me Save My Cheating Husband

by Lisa
(Cleveland, Tn)

My husband and I would soon celebrate our 9th wedding anniversary. He's cheated from the beginning. He's also been addicted to one drug or another since we met.

Ordinarily he's a good man but he's lost himself somewhere along the way. I know that it's hard to say that someone is a good person when they continuously hurt you, but I know his heart and I've seen his good side.

At one time he was involved with the church and was so strong in the faith, but I wasn't ready. Now the tables have turned. This man has slept with so many women I really don't know how my heart still holds any love for him at all but it does.

I've hurt so bad that I begged God to take me from this world . I went to church and sat in my car and cried and begged God to show me what he wants. The Pastor began the sermon and I wasn't even paying attention. All of a sudden the Pastor looked out and said, " God hates divorce, I don't know who that message is for but just know God hates divorce". Wow, so I pray...

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Aug 27, 2015
About this Life
by: Anonymous

I'VE been married for 16 years, and my husband LOVES me more than anything. I've been going through pretty much the same thing, drunken and drugged out his mind, which has interfered with his judgement on more than one occasion, and the women. I can't even count, but remembering each one is painful, but I got through it, until the WORDS that have ALWAYS been said to me, were said to this last one. Along with her careless about what's right! She only cared about what she could get at the moment.
He's tried to make babies, and all that, because when he married me, he knew that I wouldn't be able to have children do to health reasons.
This HURT just as much as him defiling the marriage VOWS, that we shared. It was a sharp burning pain within my soul.
Anyway, what I'm going through is much BIGGER than me. I've been encountering some spiritual warfare, and God is going to help me through this trial, of betrayal, anger, rage, and bitterness. I'm praying harder than I have done before this last affair.
What GOD HAS BROUGHT TOGETHER let NO one put asunder. I'm believing and walking out in Faith, and only thing will I have all the PROMISES, that GOD HAS in store for me. This thing that's happened from mental abuse, is going to change someone's life. My GOD said, I have a story that will change lives.

Aug 27, 2015
Right Prayers Are Powerful In Changing Cheating Husbands.
by: Osita

Lisa, I know if you pray right, God will intervene powerfully and your husband will change.

We can help you obtain prayer points and also pray along with you until your victory comes. That's the mandate our ministry has.

Let's get started. Sign on to the free 'Help Me In Prayer!' from our site and we'll reach you with targeted prayers and counsel for your cheating husband.

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