Help! My Husband Is Slipping Out Of Our Marriage.

by Blindsided Mrs.

My husband was God Fearing and my best friend. I lost our baby the beginning of this year and found out shortly after that he was on social media sites talking to other women and even went to another woman's home.

He told me he was embarrassed and needed some time but did not give an explanation. I believe the devil attacked him when he was weak. He took our loss very hard.

Shortly after he moved in with a 33 year old with 3 kids by 3 different fathers and she has been divorced twice. We had a good marriage we weren't perfect but nothing to warrant this disrespect. She is manipulating him and so is her family. She needs help with her kids and she has told me she knew about me and will not stop dealing with my husband.

He filed for divorce this week. Why is He moving so fast? He has only been dealing with her for 3 months. He has told me divorce isn't an option on several occasions. I believe he is embarrassed because our family and friends know and he is letting his pride prevent him from reconciling.

I love him and in love with him. I am afraid the longer he stays put there he may get her pregnant or fall in love with her. We have been married for 10 years.

Please help me pray. How do I get your book? I am going to contest the divorce. God has told me to pray for my marriage. I have a prayer closet and I have been meditating and fasting. Please help me. Please pray for me.

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