Help! Our Marriage Is Under Heavy Generational Curse!

by Sandra
(Durban, South Africa)

My husband of 20 years left me for a well known prostitute. He says he is happy with her and doesn't want to talk to me.

I suspect generational curses from both our families are the reason behind this. His parents were divorced and his father went on to have 5 wives, and so he had 5 kids with different women. He later died single without a wife as he divorced his last wife. Sister to my Father-in-law, on his funeral, said to me that my marriage wont last. Then we were 3 years into our marriage.
Some 12 years into our marriage, another of my father in law's sister said she was surprised that I'm still married to my husband.

My husband's mother also died single but she had several partners that she lived with.

On my side my father had 25 children, only 3 are from the same mother. The rest of my sibling have different mothers. My mom was married twice and died in her second marriage. I was raised by my grand parents my grand mother never approved of me getting married to my husband but my grandfather just blessed our union.

I strongly think that generational curses upon the two of us has made us separate and not live a happy marriage as there are evil forces against us.

I dont believe in divorce and I believe God has a plan for me and my husband. The devil spoke lies to me and my husband so much that we could not stand each other. My husband prefers cheating me with prostitutes making me feel unworthy and not good enough for him.

I thank you for your website I pray and believe we will be restored to a happier marriage for our kids and our family.

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Sep 17, 2017
Have Faith In God For Your Marriage.
by: Anonymous

I read your story with tears in my eyes. No person should experience such turmoil. I too have experienced similar.

Don't assume that it is a generation curse. Just keep praying. I truly believe that if we have faith in God and don't give up praying and counting on him then someday our prayers get answers. This is sustained belief.

Also don't let yourself feel unworthy. You are beautiful inside and out. Don't let a man's physical desires change who you are. Remember that this life is just a moment in time. Be good to those around you and just keep going. I will pray for you deeply.

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