Hurting So Much By Husband's Unfaithfulness

by Omowumi

I was pregnant before I married my husband in march 2012; we have two boys now. We have had a lot of fights during these two years plus.

When we started, my husband was very caring, loving, affectionate and responsible man. Now he has changed so much and doesn't care if I'm suffering; even if i cry a drum of tears it means nothing to him.

I know my husband is cheating on me because he doesn't touch me anymore,finds it hard to compliment me,always picks offence over every little thing and always defensive.

He's also very secretive with his phones, Ipad, laptop and wouldn't allow me come close or know the passwords to his emails and social media accounts. I can't go on like this please.

I feel so lonely, depressed and unhappy that I can't pretend anymore.Please help me and pray along with me. I need God's intervention. I started intense prayer for him a few weeks now.I pray God hears my cry and shows mercy on me.

Thank you very much.

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