Husband Cannot Leave The Other Woman But Wants To Stay Married.

by Tina
(Georgia, United States)

I've been married to husband for 5 years but I have been with him for a total of 16 years. Well, 3 months ago, I found out my husband was in an affair during the previous 4 months. It was a sexual and emotional affair.

There were possible plans for him to move in with her when she got her apartment the following month. I met the other woman and she gave me details of their affair and showed me a bag of gifts he gave her. I have copies of text messages from him professing love for her.

When I confronted him, he admitted to living the double life. The woman initially said she was walking away but I knew they were still communicating. Meanwhile, we were attempting to work things out. Then, at the end of the month, I put pressure on my husband to make a decision. I asked repeatedly if he wanted a divorce and his response was no.

I contacted the other woman and she told me that she decided she really wanted it all to end. She came to the decision that she wanted to move on and put this behind her. She also stated she was moving out of state soon. My husband had no idea we talked and told her that he was single. She told him to go back home and they had no future. He came home and tried to spin the situation saying he came to his senses. He couldn't leave his family.

Fast forward a month, they still communicated and I was growing more upset over the situation. My husband confessed to still being sexually involved so I confronted the woman and she denied it all. She stated she has been seeing someone else who she was going to move out of state to be with.

Well, that relationship fell apart because she said she already gave her heart to my husband. I later found out they were still secretly seeing each other.

Well, the very next day, he was checking up on me and wanted to have lunch with me. Later that evening, my husband and I went to dinner. I am beginning not to care. I've tried hard to stand by him and he constantly kicks me in my face.

I don't know what else to do.

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