Husband Cheated On Me To Marry Another; Now She Cheats On Him.

by Mogi

We've been separated for 13 years. I'm his first wife. The second wife is now cheating on him, his own karma, but I still feel so bound to him.

I'm confused as to what to pray for, his happiness or our possible reconciliation? I believe he's very confused and I don't believe this will end well at all for him and the second wife. They started their relationship while I was still married to him. And now she's giving him a taste of his own medicine. I'm not happy about it but I see God working.

I'll continue to pray, I still feel bound to my husband; I took my vows very serious. I was forced to let go. I haven't even changed my last name.

I'm confused too with how I'm supposed to be feeling but it hurts a lot to see him not growing. To still be going through stuff we went through.

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