Husband Cheating After 36 Years In Marriage.

by Clare

I have known my husband for 40 years, and have been married to him for 36 years. Three years ago he started an affair with a woman from work.

She's not a nice woman. She knew from the beginning that I loved husband and wrote in a letter to me that she enjoyed having sex with him!

Our marriage had grown stale for many reasons. He is adamant about not coming back into the marriage. We had a divorce set up last month.And all that time he kept telling me he did not want to divorce, although he continued to see this affair partner.

Two days before the divorce, while in prayer, I heard God telling me not to divorce him. I answered him, "but I'll look like a fool!" The answer was, "it doesn't matter. Pray for him instead." I have prayed for him, and have felt some peace. But since I have started praying, I have seen less and less of my husband.

I am doubting myself as to whether I really heard God say that to me. I had asked for signs to tell me that I was doing the right thing, and I did receive them.

I have never been alone in all of my 61 years. Being totally alone, especially on the weekends if I don't have anything planned, terrifies me. It is the loneliness that scares me so much because it has been three years now, and I have not yet begun to heal.

I still cry all the time. In my heart, I feel that because my husband had exposed himself to live porn for many years, that he had let evil into his life. Even though this sounds weird, I feel that this woman is being strongly influenced by the Devil, and that my husband seems to be doing everything she tells him to do even though that is not his nature to obey a woman.

I miss my husband terribly and if people would like to pray with me I am usually praying around 9 o'clock at night Eastern time. It is hard to keep the faith, and to believe that a miracle could happen here. I hope it does.

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Mar 10, 2018
Hurting From My Husband's Secrets
by: Anonymous

I have no answers only more questions. I thought my husband and I had one of the most Godly marriages on earth. We both had gotten saved early in our marriage. We attended church, he became very active in church and was a Deacon. Everyone loved him and held him in such high regards. Everyone thought he was next to perfect in God's eyes as well.

Well 36 years and 3 months into our marriage I find out he has had 4 affairs in our 36 year marriage. That was 7 years ago I found out and to this day I am devastated and cannot understand what God wants me to do.

Prayers very much appreciated.

Sep 06, 2015
Don't Know How To Stop My Husband Cheating.
by: Anonymous

Same situations with me, been married 16 been living with him 30.

He started talking to this women on the web site ,, then texting, then calls.
Don't know how to stop him, I've been praying and asking God for help… don't know what to do anymore.

Aug 02, 2015

by: Osita

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Jul 31, 2015
Subscribing to help me in prayer
by: Anonymous

How do I subscribe to help me in prayer? Thank you.

Jul 30, 2015
God Rebuilds And Restores Marriages.
by: Osita

Renee,I know that God wants every threatened marriage restored. Therefore He's against divorce. But the devil is the author of divorce.

We are here to do God's will for marriages, particularly to help wives turn around cheating and adulterous husbands.

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