Husband cheating for 25 years

by Siyanga

My husband started cheating in me on our 5th year of marriage.

We now have 4 kids who have their own families now. My husband is still cheating on me with a former secretary and they have 4 kids too.

They started their affair when we have been married for ten years. My husband wants me to believe that she's the one chasing after him but I don't believe that because it takes two to tango.

He does not want to leave me and my children even if I have urged him to do so many times in the past. We are now 60 yrs old and the other woman is 50 yrs old.
I have prayed a lot and know that God has sustained me throughout all these years of living with my husband.

We shared happy times together but it still hurts to know that he cannot be honest with me.

I need help . Please pray for me and my family.

I know that the devil is using the other woman to attack our family and me especially. My husband said I am 'too clean' to do some things. I know that the other woman did some illegal things in the past with my husband and those are what also keep them together.

Please help me in praying for my husband to be faithful and to serve and be obedient to God.

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