Husband Flirts And Shares Nude Pictures With A Married Woman.

by Anon

I have been praying on this matter but I need to try and be patient and pray harder. My husband cheats, lies and I'm not sure if he can ever change because it seems like he has been back sliding to bad old habits for years.

We have been through a lot and I'm trying not to give up but not sure how much more of the lying and cheating I can tolerate. Right now he is obsessing over another man's wife and the other woman don't help matters. These two always texting, sending personal nude pics and selfies, calling each other everyday.

I told my husband how I felt and that his behavior is hurting us, he says he'll try to be faithful and honest but so far he is still lying and it seems like he doesn't care. My husband does has a substance abuse problem also and I think this is part of the reason he keeps wanting to seek attention outside marriage. The stress and arguing; I haven't been feeling well mentally or physically.

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Aug 22, 2016
He Was Cheating And Drinking But I Didn't know Till We Married.
by: Anonymous

I'm going through what you are but just found out my spouse had an affair last week. All started with texting, porn, dating sites, etc. Didn't know he was deceptive and lying and drinking so much until 30 days after our marriage last year.

I'm going to counseling but praying for God to give me the answers.

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