Husband Having Affair With Co-worker And Asks Wife To Leave.

by Mtbg

I found out my husband was having an affair with his co-worker because, always texting and calling and keeping his cellphone in his pocket at all times.

When I confronted him he became hostile and abusive. He denies his intimate relationship with the lady but said he doesn't love me anymore, and he even told me to leave the house. He told my inlaws that he doesn't love me anymore. They believed him and also asked me to leave the house(they own the house).

I have four children, I love my husband and I want to save our marriage. Please help my husband to realize his wrongdoings and to come back to his senses and to believe in Jesus Christ again. Please pray for the immediate restoration of my marriage.

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Mar 06, 2016
God Will Surely Restore Your Marriage.
by: Anonymous

Have faith in the Lord Jesus Christ,sing songs of praise and thanks to him as you pray for your husband;believe he has already done it.

Please say most of your prayers in the middle of the night,that is a very effective way to combat whatever is behind his change of character and attitude towards you.
It is well Sis

Mar 05, 2016
Prayer Changes Cheating And Unloving Husband.
by: Osita

Hi, you need to start effective targeted prayers for the turnaround of your husband before things get nastier.

We could partner with you in prayer and also give you good counsel on how to recover your marriage from the manipulating evil spirits.

To start, sign on to the free 'Help Me In Prayer! and I will immediately reach you with instructions on how to begin the prayers.

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