Husband of 10 Years Left Me and 2 kids for Other Woman.

by Jessica
(North Carolina)

My husband started the affair with a woman who works for him about a year ago. I found out four weeks ago, I forgave him, he broke it off with the other woman and for 6 days we bonded and talked about every single thing that led us to this point.

One morning, he woke up and told me he wanted a divorce and moved into his own house a week later. He rekindled the affair with the other woman. He has told me that he will never change his mind. He told me that I remind him of all His failures and that he will always care for me.

No one, not our friends, our family, or myself saw this coming. He is hiding the relationship at work because He is a high level employee and could lose his job over this relationship. He is suddenly trying to be a better father because he fears that his kids will not love Him because of this. It has been three weeks since he left us and I have been brought very close to God, like I have never been before, but the pain, loss and suffering is still really hard.

My husband believes there is a God, but does not know Him. I know God is working on my heart, and I'm working hard to accept that I need to make God number one in my life daily, but my flesh cries out for my husbands return.

Please pray that God will change my husbands heart and chooses to draw close to God. I do not want my old husband back. I want a man that has a heart for God before I can have a restored marriage. Please pray for my children, they're young(3 & 7). I Know God can do anything.

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