Husband Of One Month Is a Serial Cheater.

I have a four month old with my husband and we have been legally married for a month but have been together for almost two years. He has two kids from a previous marriage who are staying with us. The problem is that my husband is a serial cheat or should I say chronical...he has many girlfriends.

He is not affectionate or intimate with me, and pays no attention to my needs. He is often traveling for business and I know for a fact that he always has one of his many girlfriends with him on his trips. I don't know why he married me, and at times, I think it's because his kids are fond of me. Its too soon into our marriage for such problems.

He keeps late hours from home, when he's home he is moody and constantly texting on his phone or sleeping on the couch. I have pondered on leaving our marriage, but I Love my husband and I want him to change, sometimes his behavior makes me loose my faith in God and its been hard on me.

I don't want a divorce. I want to raise our kids together as one family.

Please help me at wit's end and hanging on by a thread only.

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