Husband Seduced By A Oversea Strange Woman, 12 Years Older.was unfaithful as I am working overseas and now does not let me come home to see him

by Priscilla

We've been married since 2013 in Holland. I now work in Singapore since 2015 while my husband stays in Holland. Even though we meet very frequently and go on holidays together, it is still hard to do a long distance relationship. I also recognized that it drove us apart a bit. But he always seemed to be so in love and warm towards me.

Suddenly, five days ago he called me from Holland and confessed he fell in love with a woman who is 12 years older than him and already has a child. But he also said he is not dating her and does not see a future with her as he does not want to take care of somebody else's child.

Yet when I wanted to rush home he didn't let me, as he needed time to know what he wants. He does not answer my calls or messages. Five days later, which is now, he said he thinks he knows what he wants and will talk to a therapist before he calls me.

I saw he erased his marriage status on facebook.

I'm afraid he is building his courage to leave me. This is so unfair as he did not let me have even a chance to see him and prove to him that it is me that he wants, and not that other woman. It seems that he has fallen into the hands of evil and succumbed to the spirit of lust.

Please pray for a cleansed soul for him, a spirit of reconciliation for us, and that when he sees me again he will fall in love with me, his wife. Please pray that our marriage is saved and that it will be more rooted in Godliness, Purity and Love. Thank you. Amen.

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