Husband Trimmed Down And Started Affair With A 16 Year Old Girl.

by Becky

I have been with my husband for 14 years. Just last year in 2015, I was pregnant with our third child. My husband had always been on the heavier side. But during my pregnancy he lost over 100lbs and noticed girls checking him out.

He decided that while I was 7 months pregnant that he couldn't get all his sexual desires from me and started sleeping with a 16 year old girl.

When our son was 3 weeks old, this girl became pregnant so he confessed of cheating. He promised never to do it again. I believed him! He moved to another state to start a new life for me and my children. Three months after he moved there he wanted a divorce. I found out that he had been with 5 girls/women since he had been there.

He is 38 and he has met his soul mate who is 24 and he said that this is God's will for him. He needs our divorce to end quickly cause he wants to marry her. She has 2 girls that call him daddy and he wants them to be his new family. He met her on the 4th of July and moved in with her on July 8th.

Please pray for my sanity, my three children's lives as they are all suffering from this. I still love him, but I filled the divorce papers last week.

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