Husband's Cheating Revealed In Dreams

(Young Wife)

Though there were no reasons to suspect my husband of six months of cheating, I had a dream one night that he was cheating on me.

Then the next day, I proved it was real; he's been cheating from our third month of marriage.

I confronted him he lied even to the marriage counselor. About who she was and how he meet her even about how often he had spoken with her. When I brought to his attention that I knew her and how he had lied he tried to flip it around and make it as if he didn't tell the truth because he was trying to keep from hurting me more.

Somehow, we seemed to be put that matter behind us and move on with our lives but it was difficult to trust him fully.

Recently I had another dream that he was cheating.

What do I do now I have prayed and prayed and been a good faithful wife but how much more do I have to take.FYI when I have dreams its something happening OE something going to happen.

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Jan 09, 2015
Let's Get Him Back By Prayer.
by: Osita

Let's partner with you and pray him out of this cheating and lying.

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You shall succeed.

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