I Divorced My Husband But I Want Him back.

by Linda

I'm praying that God will forgive me for divorcing my husband. I am so sorry I did this; I just need prayer I been praying everyday.

It's been about 2 years since divorce, and my life has been miserable. I'm losing so much weight. I'm very sick. I'm very depressed. I've been reading in the Bible how it's supposed to be.

Actually, I had prayed to God to change my life and he has. I love God so much now. I am in the church learning as a baby Christian, but I'm learning. I just need help in prayer; how to get the other woman out of his life. I have forgiven them both and myself.

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Oct 17, 2018
Need my ex husband to realise his mistakes and return home. NEW
by: janessa plummer

I am going through the same. I need help from God . He has been answering where my ex husband is coming back around but the mistress has a great hold on him, which is making him so distant from coparenting well with me. Our son misses him so much. But my ex husband life is all wrapped around this woman.

Aug 28, 2017
I Regret Divorcing My Husband, I Want Him Back!
by: Carol

I horribly regret the mistake I made in forcing my husband to divorce me. I need help. I can't stand to eat because eating is acting like everything is ok and it's not.

I constantly have chest pain and I cry all the time. We have recently started talking and getting out our hurt and pain but he has told me there is another woman that has helped him get over his pain of our divorce and I want her out of his life so we can walk through our hurt together and get remarried.

We are both hurt still in pain but still know we love each other but are afraid of making the same mistakes.

Oct 01, 2016
With God Nothing Shall Be Impossible.
by: Osita

Hi Linda, Surely you need prayers and counseling.

I would like to hear your full story so that I may counsel you and see how we can pray effectively with you.

Sign on to the free 'Get Prayer Help Now!' from the right side of our website, and I will contact you immediately.

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