I Don't Want Our Children To Know About My Husband's Cheating.


We've been married for 16 years, he is my first and only man -- the only life I know.

I need prayers desperately for him and my marriage. Not only is he becoming more bold with the things he is doing outside our marriage. He is now rubbing it in my face and literally doing everything he can to make me leave.

But I'm trying with every fiber of my being to stay strong and remain in my home. I'm relentlessly trying to keep everything as normal as possible so that my kids don't see what their father is doing.
I feel like I'm running out of time and that this man is going to leave us high and dry all for his foolish fleshly desires. Or that he will slip so badly and that I won't be able to protect my children from seeing the real him.

I'm living in fear 24/7 of what is going to happen next. How far is he willing to go to fulfill his bondage of fleshly desires that keep him out all night or for days on end and weekends away without a phone call home or answer when we call him.

My husband is in some serious bondage and I'm afraid for his soul and for my sons hearts if this ends badly. I'm trying so hard to keep it together but I'm a dead person walking.

Please help me pray for my family.

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