I Feel Like Walking Out Of My Marriage.

by Carrie
(Roswell, NM)

My husband is very disrespectful towards me all the time. He never talks to me; he talks to other women on line ,Facebook, social media ... When I try to talk to him he gets angry at me and says he doesn't care to hear about my day or he doesn't want to hear about nothing from me.

He always complements women on social media all the time. He blocked me from his Facebook accounts so I can't ever see what he is doing, it makes me very sad and hurts my feelings but he just don't care.

I feel like a fool and think I really should just walk away. Some days he's great and for the rest he's mean. I'm so tired of the way he makes me feel I really don't know how much longer I can do this ...

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May 22, 2016
My Husband Has No Affection For Me, Feels Like Beating Me Up!
by: Carrie

My husband gets mad at me. He even told me he feels like beating the shit out of me. He calls me bitch and a whore too. He never shows me any affection; our sex life is zero.

He leaves and sometimes don't come home for days. He never answers my text messages or phone calls. He calls me names and recently called me a fat cow , and that he didn't want a fat ass. I've been the same more or less in weight but this is the first time he's brought my weight in our fights. He's also said that I'm so ugly, and that's why I have to wear make-up.

All this just tears me up inside I'm embarrassed to be around him. I've told him numerous times to just leave if he don't want to be my husband anymore. He says he'll never change for me. He denies that he's cheating but my gut tells me differently.

He acts very weird all the time and does nothing but yell and scream at me. I feel hopeless in my marriage and I am so tired of going through this everyday. I'm so heart broken and always have a heavy feeling in my chest. I'm at the point that I honestly feel like I am starting to hate him.

May 05, 2016
My Husband Cheats On Social Media Too
by: Anonymous

I've seen it many times, even seen pictures he has the girls send him. Now instead of just facebook he uses the app Line, that way they can see each other and hear each others voices.

I am three months pregnant and disgusted at the thought of him being my husband. What do I do?

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