I Have The Recording Of His Cheating But He Still Denies.

by Ellen

We been married 15 years with three beautiful girls. My husband doesn't listen to anything I say but his friend.

My husband has been cheating on me with other women. I see him communicate with them while I'm sitting there. My husband put a camera in his car for security reason, not knowing he put it there for God to reveal his doing.

Recently, he traveled and forgot the recording in his car. On the recording he planned to leave me and the kids after I graduate from school to move with his girlfriend.

He also mentioned the names of the women he'll sleep with when he travels. He spent hours on the phone with the woman that he planned to move with. He's still out of the country but I spoke with him and explained all his doing. He denied everything and even asked me to call the person who told me when he gets back.

I'm still waiting to play his recording to him with his family present when He gets back. He said yes when I asked if he still love the relationship but he lies about everything else so I don't believe him.

It's a very difficult situation but nothing is bigger than God. My prayer is for him to change, let God convict him and let him confess and repent of his sins. Let me get strength and courage to keep praying for him.

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Mar 22, 2018
Right Prayers Always Work.
by: Osita

I have sent you a direct mail. I will be in touch for the prayers and counseling.

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