I Need Prayers For My Wife, Marriage And Ministry.

by David

I have started prayers for my wife as she is the cheating wife of a good man...which seems like an unusual situation according to this site. But then, demonic influences and satanic attacks against marriage come to both sexes. If satan can't easily get to the husband, why not the wife.

My family has deserted me. My many friends save but a couple, have utterly deserted me.

I confess I am tired and would like a couple of stronger brothers and/or sisters to stand by my side.

In the past few weeks since my wife has been gone, I have seen her online presence on facebook and numerous pinterest accounts, showing a deepening oppression and possession by demonic influence. One that gets worse each and every day. Where she is drawing further and further into perversion and ungodly sites. I have seen her at court with eyes that have a blank stare one moment and someone else staring at me through her eyes the next.

I ask for your prayers in three areas. First, I ask prayer for the restoration and healing of our marriage under the full authority of God. And ask for His divine intervention and a clear revelation as to what steps I must take.

Next, I ask for my wife, Sol’s release from all demonic influences, covenants, and spiritual bondage. I ask that she be released from any and all satanic holds that she would completely surrender to the authority of God, bringing her rebellion of self will to an end, and come to accept God’s will for her life and to accept Jesus Christ as her Lord.

And finally, I ask prayer for myself – that my faith be strengthened, that I be of good courage and patience, maintaining a purity and boldness before others and not shirk from my duty to God or my duty to Sol as my wife, regardless of her current disposition toward me.

I ask for God’s favor in provision and deliverance from the false accusations brought against me and that God would continue to reveal the places I need correction in and to show me where to ask for forgiveness .

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Apr 02, 2016
God Hears Your Cry; He'll Send Help.
by: Osita

Brother David,
I will reach you through your email for more details and prayers. God is faithful; He'll give you an answer of peace in life.

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