I Sent My Cheating Husband Away; Now I Want Him Back.

by Tracey
(Nassau, Bahamas )

Married for 10 years, now alone four of those years. My husband and I were having problems but I didn't understand how to fight the right way, we fought each other constantly everyday. He cheated on me and I never forgave him. It made me bitter I started to mistreat him, hurt him... lie to him. I almost cheated on him I wanted to hurt him back for the pain he caused me.

Then I gave my life to Christ and the pain didn't go away; it got worse and I tried but I was misled by things I read. I didn't understand and I didn't seek help to understand, so I asked him to leave the house. He didn't want to, he begged me not to do this but I was so angry and I felt God didn't want me to be with him.

So I asked him to leave and eventually he did, reluctantly at first. He tried to come back and I didn't accept him. I was so angry, hurt, mad, bitter and just a mess. But as God placed the right people in my life then I started to understand; I knew the power of Prayer but most important, the power of forgiveness. By this time he had already started a new relationship. I've tried to talk to him but he is in so much pain and still angry of what I did that he wants nothing to do with this marriage anymore.

Recently they moved away and more difficult now. But God can turn this around for me, he's giving me a new love, appreciation and respect for my husband. I know there's nothing too hard for God and I praise him and I thank him that he is returning my husband to me no matter how it looks to the outside world. I'm looking in the spirit for restoration and healing is on the way for this marriage in Jesus Christ name. Amen

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