I'm Broken Hearted As Husband Cheats And Family Hates Me

by Alexandra l
(Killeen, Texas )

Hello, I've been married for three years to the same man I've been with since I was a child. For some time now he's done some horrible things to me and his family doesn't make it better. He's cheated a few times and lies, his family knows about it.

I am currently 7 months pregnant my husband is in the military and once we were visiting home because he was about leaving to Korea for two years assignment, we couldn’t even stay together because of his family attitude toward us. I had to stay at my moms and he stayed with his family.

His family once attacked me physically and seized my car; all because I confronted my husband’s cousin who tells one of the women he was cheating on me with our problems.

My husband also has horrible friends that disrespect me because he discusses our problems with them. And all these make me so angry! He was in Afghanistan a year ago from where he made me some promises that he never fulfilled. One of them was to go for marriage counseling to help us live better but when he returned, he changed his mind. However, when the same friend who disrespected me calls for help he runs to him.

He's in Korea now and I found out the whole time we've been married he's used four dating websites to cheat on me. One of them was just used very recently – about three months ago. I am only 22 years old and I love my husband but I am hurting so badly.

I just wish he would go back to how he was when we first got married when he would tell me he loved me and that I’m everything to him! My great fear is that he might never change.

I have even decided not to allow his brother or father at the baby shower my mother is throwing so that they don’t come to cause me sadness on a day that is supposed to be filled with joy .

I also told him I was considering divorce even though that’s not what I really wanted, just to see whether he ‘d work on the marriage. Instead he sent me an address to send the paper work to. I could've got him for everything if I reported the cheating but I don't want anything but his love and my marriage.

This is so sad and confusing but I still have hope. I wish you could pray for me.

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