Power To Make Your Husband Leave That Affair And Return Home

Consistent targeted prayer is one sure way of healing your marriage from confusion and troubles. It doesn't have to be long prayers but it should be focused.

I am so confident that if you pray what you should, God will intervene and turn the heart of your husband back to your marriage. This is my experience with so many women who embraced targeted prayers with us.

By targeted prayers, separated couples have been restored, divorces process cancelled and reversed.

Here, today, you will be having two power-packed targeted prayers for persistent praying. And it won't be long before you see your husband leave that affair and return to you. Please forget any previous failure and dive into the wonders of prayers today. Just believe.

But I want you to know that not all prayers are prayers! Some so-called prayers are mere wishes or complaints. That’s why certain prayers fail and others deliver good reports quicker. A good targeted prayer should change your person and situation, and reconcile your husband to you.

Prayers are serious issues and should be approached with seriousness.

Know also that great prayers are powerful because of the backing of God, not by the grammar or plenty of words.

Result-getting prayers usually spring from the Word of God.

Using the Word of God does not mean quoting scriptures arbitrarily or using scriptures that does not apply to the matter at hand. If God gives you a prayer, it is a done deal… if you do your part.

Your part is that you raise your desire to God and keep pressing until your answer comes. Remember, the scripture in Matthew 7:7, encourages us to ask and knock until we receive and the door is opened.

So, your part is to find the Will of God (that is His Word in the matter) and run with it. In the prayers here, we have already established the mind of God for your marriage. You will have to engage them.

Get This Winning Prayer Mindset

Prayers are basically the enforcement of the Word of God. They are commands, not appeals. So, here today, you will see prayers that will command your husband to leave that affair and return to you.

Your Words of faith will activate the Spirit of God to work out your commands in your husband from his inside. He will feel uncomfortable with the affair and will realize the error of abandoning his family.

Then, he will return…to you.

This is a process, not a chant. It will not work the first day but as you pray, every day, there will be a shift. This will continue, as you pray on, until the job is done. It will be done for you in Jesus Name.

If you do this part, I assure you, you will get the great results others are getting.

Don’t complicate your matter by seeing it as special and hard for God. There is nothing like that. If you read 1 Corinthians 10:13, you will find that God has already made provisions for your victory in any conflict.

We have published two established prayers from the mind of God concerning the rescue of your husband and full restoration of your marriage.

Step into them in faith and pray them twice (at least) daily. God will cause some fantastic change to happen in your home quickly.

Here are the prayers:


Oh Lord, Change My Husband And Restore My Marriage

Father, in the name of Jesus Christ, I plead your mercy for my husband.

Though my husband is resisting You but, Lord, I plead for your mercy over him in the name of Jesus Christ.

Lord, speak to him and penetrate his confused heart and draw him to you. Nobody can resist Your Voice, Mighty God.

It is written in Psalm 29: 5-9.


The voice of the LORD breaks the cedars;


Yes, the LORD breaks the cedars of Lebanon in pieces.


He makes Lebanon skip like a calf,


The voice of the LORD divides flames of fire.


The voice of the LORD shakes the wilderness;


The LORD shakes the wilderness of Kadesh.


The voice of the LORD makes the deer give birth.

According to Your Word, Oh Lord, save my husband from all the manipulations of evil forces working to keep us apart.

Father, You know me and my weakness. Help me not to faint or give up on my marriage but grant quick victory. Strengthen me and protect me from those who do not wish our marriage well.

Yes, Lord, You said in Isaiah 61:7  "Instead of your shame you will receive a double portion, and instead of disgrace you will rejoice in your inheritance. And so you will inherit a double portion in your land, and everlasting joy will be yours."

Therefore, perform Your Word in my situation. Save me from their mockery and the shame of my husband cheating and lying. Reverse the disgrace of my husband’s rejection and disregard. Make my husband withdraw his hateful words and abuses on me and our marriage. I depend on You, Lord, to change the story of my marriage.

Oh my God, I pray like those people in Nehemiah 9:32 “ … let not all the trouble seem little before you…”

My Father, unsettle the strange woman who has seized my husband physically and emotionally. Lord, disappoint her. She does not deserve peace, so let that affair turn to nothing.

Father, send your angels to that evil affair and stir disagreements and misunderstanding. Use Your ways to scatter their relationship until they disperse.

Lord, you used the plagues to pluck Israel out of the grip of Egypt, use your mighty weapons to bring back my husband and restore my marriage.


Father, I have complete trust in You and Your ability to deliver me from my sorrow.


Thank You for answers as I pray in Jesus Name.  Amen!


Power Enforcement of Love And Peace In My Marriage

You shall decree a thing and it shall be established to you…(Job 22:28) 


I prophesied as I was commanded: and as I prophesied, there was a noise, and behold a shaking, and the bones came together, bone to his bone. (Ezekiel 37:7) 


Father, in the Name of Jesus Christ, I submit my marriage and home to you for healing and restoration.


Lord, send forces to flush out this evil heat in my home. I pray, Oh God, and ask for your power against everything that is causing pain, confusion and hatred in my marriage. Let anything, hidden or open, known or unknown by me, that is part of this trouble in my home be quenched in the Name of Jesus Christ.


In the name of Jesus, I call Heaven to the rescue of my marriage from the clutches of home-breakers. Let every demonic influence on my marriage be flushed out in the name of Jesus!


Lord, dismantle and render powerless every arrangement and scheme to scatter and ruin my family.


I reject every plot and plan for the divorce or separation in my marriage. I quash any such arrangement against my family in the Name of Jesus Christ.


Let the power in the Name of Jesus work for me and destroy any other powers weakening my husband's desire to love me and remain married to me.


I call on the fire of the Holy Spirit to burn up every vagabond spirit working in the life of my husband. I pray that any scheme devouring my husband's affection be cancelled now.

I stand with the Word of God and declare that every imagination, thought, plan, decision, desire and expectation of divorce and separation against my home shall not stand in the name of Jesus.

Satan, hear the word of the Lord: You will not, and cannot, break my home, in the name of Jesus. I return every arrow of division and distraction back to source. I call in the power and resources of Heaven to restore and keep peace and love in my home.

Thank You Father as I pray in Jesus Name.

Please take these prayers seriously. Just add them to other prayers we advised for the healing of your marriage.

All the enemies of your marriage will leave you and your husband to build and enjoy your marriage. They will suddenly find reasons to part from your husband! God knows how to do this.

Soon, real soon, your husband will leave that affair and return to you. Thank You, Jesus!

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