Letter To Cheating Man

by Zezzy

Well, there are issues here that in my relationship that make it seem that I may lose him someday soon. Though we have discussed his cheating on me several times but it appears to get worse by the day.

The most painful aspect is that he becomes more clever at cover-ups and lies. Sometimes he doesn't talk...just silence.

Though he says he loves me (and shows it often) I'm not comfortable to share him and to think I may lose him altogether. This is not fear; it's real with all the pointers.

So I have considered writing the letter (oh thanks for this guide) and requesting him to make a decision on which side he prefers. Yes I have proofs (tons of what you wouldn't believe, but that's for another day!)some of them he knows already.

I wish you will show us a complete sample of the letter. You can show us a real one (with the names blotted out, of course)or make up one for MY benefit.

Whatever happens, this letter is what is left for me to do and it would be done.

We are live-in lovers and we already made plans for our marriage this May.

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