Letter To The Cheating Husband Who Has Left His Home.

by Chané
(Windhoek, Namibia)

Dear Beloved Husband,

Months has passed, so much has changed... Our lives, individually, and together.

Every night I fell asleep, with so much hurt and pain in my heart. Not knowing what my tomorrow holds. You come home when we are asleep and leave when we are asleep. We never see each other anymore. Last night when I could not hold it in any longer, and confronted you, you were so disrespectful towards me. You made me realise that there is no more love for me. There is no more room for me in your life. I knew it would come this, yet I Kept on postponing.

I always thought it will blow over. But I have come to realise that she is the one you love. I am sorry for failing you..as a wife. I'm sorry for not being woman enough for you. I always tried my best, but sometimes your best is not enough for the wrong person. I wish you and your new partner all the best for the future.

I am very heartbroken, but time heals everything. All our dreams and future plans will not happen, but I do wish you still get to reach yours. Don't worry about us, we will be fine... we always have been. It's just a pity it ended so soon. Six years of my life has been taken away, yet the good memories will remain forever.

I'm heartbroken, and sad but not angry at you. I will not hold you responsible for our failed marriage. I will not pin the blame on you. We had our fair share of good, but now your heart belongs so someone else.

You and your new family deserves this happiness. Just because we could not give it to you, does not mean I don't want you to have it.

You will always be the father of my child, and my beloved husband.

Your soon to be ex wife

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May 01, 2018
Pray Right And See God Restore Your Marriage.
by: Osita

Hi Chane, though I published your letter, I do not agree you are about to be the ex-wife except that's your desire.

The scriptures said in Mark 11:24 that you can have what you desire when you pray. Perhaps you have not prayed about this the right way. God is the same to all who call upon Him.

So, you can change your mind and sign up to our free prayer partnership, and pray for a change in your husband and marriage.

I will write you directly on how you can start with the right prayers.

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