Miracle! My Cheating Husband Came Back By Prayers.

by Blanca Mark

God brought my husband back from the strange woman who captivated him and took him away from me for years. They were agonizing times; and I considered a lot of options that were not godly. But God drew me back to seek Him by prayers.

My initial prayers were general and uncoordinated, and fruitless. Of course, I didn't know this then, but wasted valueable time ...until I came to this site and started the targeted prayers.

Everything changed.

I started using the wonderful name of our Lord and savior, Jesus Christ, the effective way. I started using the Blood of Jesus in prayers to dismiss agents of the devil...yes, everything changed.

It was gradual at first, then full-blown.

Today through the name of Jesus Christ and His Blood, and by the Holy Spirit, my husband is back to our house, in my arms. It is so worth it. I am giving this report after 7 months of his return.

I have written this to encourage others who are on the prayer line. There is hope, great unfailing hope, for you.

One last word, ignore all those demonic spell-casters, sorcerers and 'prophets' that parade their merchandize on the net these days. If it is not prayers in the name of JESUS, it is fake.

God will help us all.

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