My Cheating Husband Invited The Strange Woman Our House.

by Kimberly

Met my husband in 2012, got married in July 2014. It was a long distance relationship. Eventually I left my good job, country, family and friends to be with him.

We're both born again Christians. In October, 2015 one day to my due date I discovered text messages between him and his lover who's also his coworker. Text messages dated as far as January 2014. They were bad texts, things like, "I like what you did last time. Can you use your hands next time" This was a text from my husband. He had even suggested that she comes over to the house when I was at work.

I was so devastated and he deleted all the texts when I confronted him but I had forwarded them to my phone. He still denied regardless. Claiming nothing had happened. I ended up having a C section as my stress levels affected the baby. With a new born and so much changes I chose to forgive him.

One year later he's still seeing the same woman and even giving her cash at the expense of our family. Really don't know what to do. I tried praying but I don't have the strength to. Pray with me.

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Jan 16, 2017
My Husband Is Cheating And Lying
by: Anonymous

Oh my goodness. I can so relate to your comment. My husband and I met in 2014 and got married in 2015. I discovered so many women that he's been having affairs with even going back prior to when we got married.

I have confronted him but he denies it. I did the same thing as you I forwarded texts and emails to myself. Even after he deleted them from his own phone and computer he denied that they were there at all.
I come to find out that he's signed up to dating sites and has been meeting women. I am devastated. Our youngest child is 4.

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