My Cheating Husband Needs Deliverance Prayers

by Brittany

I am asking for prayer of deliverance and turnaround for my cheating husband.

My husband, a licensed minister, and I have been married for only one year and four months. I found out recently that he has been having an affair with his ex girlfriend. I suspect this has been going on since we married.

I am heartbroken, and devastated but I thank God for revealing it to me. I know I can divorce, but I want to be in the perfect will of God.

My husband needs to submit and commit fully to God, otherwise he won't be able to commit to me or anyone else. He needs deliverance from commitment issues, double-mindedness and wishy-washy ways.

Please pray with me for god to do a work in him and restore our marriage! Thanks in advance.

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Jul 28, 2018
Suspect he is cheating, he has cheated before he confessed NEW
by: Anonymous


I got lobollad this year i april by custom husband. We were together for 6 years but inbetween the 6 years he cheated in 2015 and when i tried to make him get a taste of his medicine he got angry and left me. I didnt sleep with anyone but i was flirting with this other guy at work for a couple of months who was a friend of a friend of his and so he was told by his ex girlfriend that ahe saw me cozy with some guy on the street of which i was not cozy buy i was laughing and amiling with him while waiting for the bus. He left me the year 2016 in august and date his ex girlfriend. After that a prophet prophecied he would come back but he would cheat more. I prayed that he would come back but for God to deliver him from this cheating spirit. Indeed he came back and confessed that he cheated and changed his ways but this morning i found semen on his shirt and when i went to go show him he denied that it was semen and started being defensive then i just knew somethings up.

I love this man with all my heart and i do want to spend the rest of my life with him, i do believe that God can deliver him from this spirit but i need help in him getting delivered from this. Please help me pray for him.

Jul 22, 2015
God Hears The Prayer Of The Hurting Wife.
by: Osita

Brittany, your marriage can be healed by the power of God through targeted prayers. I would like to pray those prayers with you for the change of your husband and your fulfillment in marriage.

I suggest you subscribe to the free ezine, 'Help Me In Prayer!' so that we can take off.

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