My Grievous Sins Against My Wife And God.

by Lawrence

I am just like that cheating Husband who had been dating his exes,however in my case my exes live in Africa while I am in the Middle-East,my Wife had confronted me in the presence of a relative of her's but I had denied it.

However,after sustained pressure and the evidence that she presented me with;I had to speak the truth,even though I have deleted all contact numbers and social media links,I still feel so insecure and guilty whilst my Wife also keeps sending me all the images from our chat that she had copied unto her phone,she sends me voice messages reminding me of me of how ungrateful I had been,I have been praying and fasting unto God for the past 48 hours to forgive and change me.

I lost my job only a week ago and I am already in a psychology fix,I have been praying and asking God for his help to live right and also for re-filling of the holy Spirit in me once again.

With regards to my Wife,it will take the special grace of God to forgive me ,because she she has not even forgiven her Mother for maltreating her as a Child over 30 years ago.

I have prayed to God and made a solemn promise never to contact them again,ever.What I really need is God's guidance to live a righteous life till the end of time:when I return into His bosom.

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